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A selection of links to useful CNC sites.
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1   Link   CNCzone
In the past few years a vigorous DIY community has grown up around CNC activities.CNC machines and software was to expensive for an individual. Now one can actually build and operate CNC equipment at reasonable costs. 3D printers are still beyond the reach of most individuals.
2   Link   DIY 3D Scanning
There are reasonably priced 3D Scanning units out there but I prefer to build my own. This preference, it could be argued and I do so myself all the time, is unrealistic as I have found that by the time I get the device built I have almost forgotten what it was intended for. My motivation is two fold, first to save money and second to understand the technology itself. The problem is that in this universe time and money are complementary forms of a very limited life resource... time
3   Link   Commercial 3D Scanner
I would love to have one of these. And if I am honest with myself this is the way to go as so many of my projects get bogged down because of the unexpected complexities and costs of doing it yourself. I have a bad habit of thinking..I can do that... that would be interesting to try. But I am coming to the conclusion that if possible one should go with a proven product and get on with the real goal of making art.